Little Frankie

A Monster of a Musical

By Beverley Alldridge
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Welcome to the Monster of a Musical

Once Upon A Time Theatre Company presents

Little Frankie

Written and directed by Beverley Alldridge

‘It’s not easy being green’

Full of laughter and comedy, wonderful songs and colourful characters this monster of a musical helps us to understand how important it is to give everyone a chance and to judge people by their actions and not how they look.

Professor Leemadeer creates Little Frankie in his laboratory and Frankie soon fits into life at the castle with the professor and his young friend Elizabeth. However when Elizabeth’s stepmother, Henrietta, sees Frankie she is horrified and ignoring his kind and gentle nature treats him like a hideous freak. Frankie has only ever treated her with kindness and Henrietta has only ever shown him anger and disgust—which one is the real monster?

This uplifting family musical is about discovery and the hard reality of bullying and its consequences.

Little Frankie is an innocent boy who is treated cruelly and hurt simply because he does not look the same as everyone else.

Can friendship and trust overcoming bullying and intolerance?

A heart-warming story for all ages.

Excerpts from the soundtrack: